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Environmental-friendly raw materials

Our tableware is made from 100% melamine, which is healthy and convenient.

1 Flat surface, easy to clean

The melamine product has flat surface, which is not only easy to clean, but also can automatically extinguish the arc.

2 Good temperature resistance and can be used conveniently

The temperature resistance of melamine is very good, and the best performance falls between -20℃~+110℃.

3 Light weight, stable coloring

With only a slight and moderate sense of weight, the surface of melamine tableware can be printed with all kinds of exquisite patterns. Its coloring is stable, so as to ensure that the product has bright color and high gloss, and will not fade away easily.

4 Low thermal conductivity to prevent scalds

The thermal conductivity of melamine tableware is relatively low, so that you will not scald your hands when holding hot food and you will be able to hold the product easily.

5 Non-toxic and odorless, safe and hygienic

The texture of melamine is hard and strong, durable and unbreakable.As to its chemical resistance, it has strong alkaline resistant and can effectively defend against various solvents such as grease, acid and alkali.

Self-developed team

A senior technical team with over 20 years of experience, a design team with rich experience in product design.

Our production team consists of industry experienced technicians, which lays a solid foundation for R&D. Two expert design teams are established, the domestic design team mainly provides professional services for customers with customized needs; the foreign design team focuses on the innovation and internationalization of product design to ensure sustainable new product development.



Modern production base

With a leading modern production base, we strictly control every product to ensure quality.



Quality creates a brand. We have a quality control testing laboratory that conducts multiple tests on production materials. The production process is strictly inspected to ensure that all products comply with EU standards. Our products have passed ISO9001, Disney, BSCI, Sedex, NSF, Universal, Starbucks, QS and other factory certification audits to ensure product quality.



One-stop customization service

With our professional design and high-quality products, we aim to provide integrated and exclusive customization services for our customers.

Custom service:

  • One-to-one exclusive customization
  • Senior design team
  • Perfect customization process
  • Ultimate product protection

Custom process:

  • STEP 01 Selection

    Selected product styles, such as bowls, plates, etc.

  • STEP 02 Project

    Determine the direction and overall layout of the product design according to customer needs

  • STEP 03 Design

    Cater to the needs of the market, creative design according to the requirements of the production process

  • STEP 04 Final draft

    After the communication with the customer is correct, the design is finalized.

  • STEP 05 Proofing

    Produce samples according to customer requirements within the specified time

  • STEP 06 Delivery

    After the sample is confirmed, the package will be shipped without guaranteeing that the shipment will not be damaged.